Operation JumpStart is an award-winning microenterprise development program that partners with organizations seeking to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. Combining nationally-recognized curriculum; coaching and mentoring; and rich online resources; this program can be the foundation you need in building entrepreneurial communities of opportunity.

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  • Even Small Business Owners Can Use These Tax Breaks
    By Steve Parish / Forbes Two recent news clips caught my attention. One involved a company trying to avoid the IRS. The other involved the IRS trying to avoid trouble. Taken together, I can see how a small business owner might cynically ask if a small business has a fighting chance as far as taxes. The first news item was about the latest rage in large company tax planning: “tax inversions.” U.S. companies seek to sidestep U.S. corporate taxes by relocatin... Read More
  • What Makes Small Businesses Successful?
    Ty Kiisel / Forbes The first week of June, Mike Glauser, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University and Co-Founder of My New Enterprise, and his team set off on a cross-country bicycle tour with the goal of interviewing and documenting the stories of 100 small business owners in 100 cities across the country. They started in Florence, Oregon and will end up in Washington D.C. on July 28th. When I spoke with Professo... Read More
  • Starting a Small Business Begins with Overcoming Your Fears
    Norton / NBC News Many of us dream of starting a small business. Whether it’s the romantic ideal of being your own boss, or the desire to build something from nothing, having a dream is different than actualizing it. Often, it’s the fear of failure or the daunting amount of work that keeps us from being bold enough to launch that next brilliant startup. START SMALL An effective way to build confidence and remove the fear of failure i... Read More
  • Entrepreneurs, Have No Fear of Trusting Your Employees
    By Heather Ripley / Entrepreneur Like most business owners, I have a deep passion for and an obsession with my business. One thing I have noticed over the years is that most entrepreneurs have something in common: we tend to be micro managers. I admit to this, and by working with my clients I see how hard it is for most business owners to let go of the reins and give some of the power to employees. I have determined there are three main reasons why business owners hav... Read More
  • 9 Things Exceptionally Smart Entrepreneurs Do to Be Successful
    Thomas Oppong / Entrepreneur In the words of Winston Churchill, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts". And this couldn't be truer for founders. Every entrepreneur strives to be successful but the sad truth is that most entrepreneurs fail. The difference between success and failure often comes down to these nine things:   1. Takes calculated steps toward their goals each day. Leonard C. Gr... Read More
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