Operation JumpStart is an award-winning microenterprise development program that partners with organizations seeking to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. Combining nationally-recognized curriculum; coaching and mentoring; and rich online resources; this program can be the foundation you need in building entrepreneurial communities of opportunity.

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  • Eight Entrepreneurial Truths
    LBS Business Strategy Review / Forbes There are a host of competency studies, research into the characteristics and personalities of entrepreneurs, plus a steady stream of books analysing the careers of successful entrepreneurs. Separating truth from fiction can be difficult, but here are eight essential truths extracted from my entrepreneurial encounters and experiences: 1. Not everyone who says they are an entrepreneur is one. Over the years I have talked with hundre... Read More
  • 6 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make -- And How to Avoid Them
    Jacqueline Whitmore / Entrepreneur Anyone who has ever started a business will tell you how hard it is. First you have to create a viable product or service and prove there’s a market willing to purchase. The next step is to scale your business and make decisions critical to the future of your company. When I founded my etiquette business 16 years ago, I did not have a road map, much less a business plan. It took almost five years before I started to see a ... Read More
  • 4 Community-Building Tips for Small Businesses
    Shawn Porat / Yahoo Building a community is a great way for small businesses to engage more fully with their target audiences. This concept is related to brand building, but there are some important distinctions. When you build a community, the people involved (including customers) feel like they are part of what you’re doing. It's part of what has made many of the world’s top companies so successful. Marketing, Branding and Building Community It&... Read More
  • 4 Ways Smartphones can Make You a More Efficient Entrepreneur
    Deborah Sweeney / AlleyWatch According to the 2013 AT&T Small Business Tech Survey, 85% of the companies surveyed reported using a smartphone for their day-to-day business. Interestingly, that same survey found that only 31% of small businesses used mobile apps, meaning most business owners were only using their phones for phone calls and email. And while smartphones are a great for staying on top of calls, they can do such more –your smartphone can actually hel... Read More
  • Know Your Customers by Living a Day in Their Lives
    Steve Blank / Entrepreneur One of the most powerful ways to understand your customers, whether they're consumer or business customers, is to discover how they "work" and write it down, delineating a day in their life. How do the potential end users of your product spend their days? What do they do? What do they read? What products do they use? How much time do they spend using them? How would life change for these users after they have your product? Business products... Read More
  • Why We Love Small Business Growth Strategies (and You Should Too!)
    Jackie Nagel / Huffington Post There's something exciting about owning your own business. Whether it's the feeling of freedom running wildly through your hair or the animated "ahhh" that comes from breaking through to the next level, business ownership is electrifying. Overall, though, it's the growth of the business that is most fulfilling and gratifying to most small business owners and entrepreneurs. Show Me the Baby Growing a business is like birthing a baby. The... Read More
  • Small Firms Hit by Big Changes in Health Coverage
    Angus Loten / The Wall Street Journal Businesses with fewer than 50 workers are exempt from the most stringent requirements for larger employers under the federal health-care law. But that doesn't mean they're off the hook entirely. Smaller employers aren't required under the Affordable Care Act to offer coverage for their full-time workers—as larger firms must by 2016 or face penalties, for instance. But many owners of small ventures and start up entrepreneurs... Read More
  • The #1 Secret to Effective Small Business Advertising Is..
    Patrick McFadden / Yahoo Advertising is looked at by most as a tool to create overall awareness. This approach can be a benefit to small businesses, if the message is right, if the awareness that is created, spells out a benefit. Usually awareness advertising seems to be an attempt to win advertising awards instead of new clients. The #1 Secret to Effective Small Business Advertising Is . . . The point is the #1 secret to effective small business advertising i... Read More
  • How Having Employees Makes You – And Your Small Business – Better
    Michelle van Schouwen / Succeeding in Small Business For many small business owners, hiring a first employee represents a major turning point. Soon, that owner may have a few, or many, employees. Aside from the clearest benefits of staffing up (getting more work done, having coverage in the office or shop, looking bigger as a company) and the evident downsides (making payroll, suffering the pressures of management) there are some less obvious upsides of working wit... Read More
  • 5 Life Lessons That Made Me a Better Entrepreneur
    Valerie Svenningsen / Entrepreneur Throughout the years, I've gathered countless tidbits of advice from my parents, friends, colleagues and mentors. As I've learned about trust, responsibility and happiness, I've realized that these lessons extend well beyond my personal life. Today, I often find myself using professional advice as a way to confront a personal issue I might run into, or looking to personal philosophies to help solve an obstacle in the office. Here ar... Read More
  • Five Top Educational Podcasts For Entrepreneurs
    Bridget Hilton / Forbes Like many entrepreneurs, I chose self-education in lieu of traditional higher education. Much of what I have learned about starting, maintaining and growing a business has come from networking, reading books, magazines and blogs and podcasts. Podcasts in particular are underrated tools for learning from those who have been there, done that, and are willing to shed light on the highs and lows of starting a company. In addition to keeping me... Read More
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