Operation JumpStart is an award-winning microenterprise development program that partners with organizations seeking to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. Combining nationally-recognized curriculum; coaching and mentoring; and rich online resources; this program can be the foundation you need in building entrepreneurial communities of opportunity.

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  • Fostering Entrepreneurism at a Young Age Through Education
    By Sam Kirk Can you teach someone to be an entrepreneur, or are certain people born with the spirit and drive? I know you can teach someone because I've seen it done time and again. But we have a serious problem in the United States. We're not teaching enough. We can -- and must 0- give future entrepreneurs and business leaders the skills and knowledge necessary to grow our economy by teaching them from a young age. We all agree that entrepreneurship is the engine of our... Read More
  • Google and Lending Club Kick Off New Business Loan Program
    By Joshua Sophy Google Partners now have a new source from which to get some extra capital. Google and Lending Club have launched a low-interest loan program specifically designed for Google Partners. Right now, the loans are only available to entrepreneurs or businesses that partner with Google to offer the company’s cloud-based services like Gmail, Hangouts, Google Drive, and more to other companies. Under the terms of the partnership between Google and... Read More
  • The Best Ways to Do Market Research for Your Business Plan
    By The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Market research aims to understand the reasons consumers will buy your product. It studies such things as consumer behavior, including how cultural, societal and personal factors influence that behavior. Market research is further split into two varieties: primary and secondary. Primary research studies customers directly, whereas secondary research studies information that others have gathered about customers. Primary research m... Read More
  • 5 Ways Small Companies Can Out-Innovate Big Corporations
    By Steve Sponseller Developing innovative ideas is a critical activity for growing companies of all sizes. But leaders of many small companies believe innovation is just for big companies that employ scientists and have large research and development departments. This false belief prevents many leaders from effectively identifying and applying innovations in their organizations. As a result, small businesses may fail to identify valuable ideas that would assist them i... Read More
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