Operation JumpStart is an award-winning microenterprise development program that partners with organizations seeking to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. Combining nationally-recognized curriculum; coaching and mentoring; and rich online resources; this program can be the foundation you need in building entrepreneurial communities of opportunity.

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  • 4 Ways a Small Business Can Scale to Profitability
    By Firas Kittaneh | Entrepreneur.com Downfalls like not being a profitable venture, startups shutting their doors or even bankruptcy are often caused by a lack of knowledge or a willing ignorance amongst small-business owners. “If the owners really knew what they were doing wrong, they might have been able to fix the problem,” entrepreneur and business speaker Jay Goltz told The New York Times.  “Often, it’s simply a matter of denial or of n... Read More
  • Crowdfunding Will Change Small Business Forever
    Patrick Watson | Money News America is an entrepreneurial nation. If we ever escape from the current moribund economy, it will be because small business owners prospered and created good jobs with decent wages. The large Wall Street and Main Street corporations obviously don't want to help. Big companies really should re-think their strategy. "Crowdfunding" is going to solve the No. 1 obstacle to small business success: Capital. In the process, it may cut off the knees... Read More
  • Small Business Lending: The Traditional Banker is Dead
    Brock Blake | Forbes You might think this is an overstatement, but times are changing and the above headline might not be as much hyperbole as you think. So far as small business banking is concerned, I’m convinced it’s true for the traditional approach to business lending. Small business lenders can’t afford to do business the same way they did 10 years ago and hope to stay relevant much longer. It’s no secret the last 10 or 15 years have been t... Read More
  • Time to Refinance Small-Business Debt?
    Elaine Pofeldt | Creditcards.com Many entrepreneurs got the cold shoulder from their banks during the credit crunch and turned to other, high-interest lenders or credit cards instead. Now could be a good time to forget about past snubs and try to get a bank loan to refinance costly debts, say experts. With loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration available for less than 6% interest and the SBA waiving fees on loans under $150,000, small firms could poten... Read More
  • LinkenIn Launches New Small Business Site
    Kevin Casey | Intuit LinkedIn recently launched a microsite for small-business owners. The idea behind it is to “give [entrepreneurs like] you the tools, tips, and guidance you need to make the most out of LinkedIn.” The free resource center, dubbed LinkedIn Small Business, essentially responds to the findings of a recent LinkedIn study of how small businesses use social media. Here’s the lowdown. What Is It, Exactly? LinkedIn Small Business prov... Read More
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